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Perca Search is the staffing partner for organizations looking for IT leadership roles. With our extensive, high-quality network and many years of experience, Perca Seach offers a solution to every IT issue.

Executive Search
The Executive Search team of Perca guides companies in finding a suitable IT executive or leader for permanent positions. Because we understand the complexity of finding IT executives, we’ve chosen to focus solely on these specific roles.

The interim division of Perca supports companies with IT issues that require temporary IT leadership expertise. By having an extensive network in all niches of IT, we know a suitable professional for all kinds of IT projects.

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How do we distinguish ourselves?

Perca Seach distinguishes itself in the IT-Executive market by focusing exclusively on staffing in IT and more specifically, IT leadership roles.

Brands on Vertical strategy

Perca is part of the International staffing group, Altus Staffing. Thanks to the brands on vertical strategy of this group, our staffing consultants are closely involved in all facets of the Dutch IT market. The niche brands from Altus Staffing serve the market with a triple niche focus. Within the IT niches in which the brands operate, the consultants focus exclusively on one specialism (such as IT executives and leaders), a region (such as Utrecht) and a type of employment (such as interim). With this strategy, the Altus Staffing Group as a whole, has the most extensive and high-quality network of IT-professionals in the Netherlands. 

Focus on IT only
Staffing within the IT market is a profession in its own right. The IT market is large, complex and needs a specific approach. That is why with Altus we have divided the market into IT niches, IT-Executive and IT-leadership is one of them.

Focus on Executives
Because of Perca Search’s specific niche, it has built the largest IT-Executive network in the Netherlands. We know the right people for leadership roles in all IT-niches.

Community building

To stimulate knowledge sharing and facilitate community building, Perca regularly organizes round-table sessions with progressive thinkers in the IT market. In addition, the Altus Staffing group organizes two large conferences a year. These offer an excellent opportunity for clients and professionals to meet and inspire each other.

Intensive personal contact

By serving only a small part of the market, we can maintain intensive personal contact with our entire network. We also have the networks of the other Altus Staffing niche brands at our disposal. This strengthens our relationship with professionals and gives us great insight into the market. This ensures quick, high-quality matches that you can trust.

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